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    A colleague is looking for assistance to accredit her bead work training.

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    Kindly note that I am able to assist.

    Please be so kind as to contact me via email on, in order for me to send you more information about my company and what we do.


    Andrea Mammes

       Hi Victoria,

      Beading is my “food for my soul” and I sincerely congratulate you for taking this exciting step!

      I can assist you with the accreditation applications. Please have a look at the AccrediKit Brochure.

      Developed originally to assist companies with QMS implementation with the aim of achieving ISO certification, it has been adapted for accreditation applications and will also assist training companies with managing Learnerships and other projects. The Toolkit is ready for use – it only needs to be customised and personalised. My contact details is in the brochure. 



      Thanks Andrea, Will do so.  

      Mlungisi Mgobhozi

        Hi Andrea. I am working with the blind and deaf Society and part of their projects is Beading, which I would like to get Accreditation for. Please kindly send me the AccrediKit Brochure. Waiting in anticipation

      Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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