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    Hello everybody, I am 3rd year ( IT N-diploma) working for the Department of Roads and Transport as a Desktop & Helpdesk technician – Intern. I will be graduating in March 2011 and would like to be added to any recruiter’s cv database, if theres any in this blog. What better way to secure one’s future than creating more opportunities. I will be happy to forward my CVs and Academic transcripts.


    Current duties include:

    – First line support & On site support

    (Installing and configuring of Windows XP, VISTA and 7 – MS Office2003&2007 package – Outlook Emails – Computer assembling)


    My contacts : tjlusenga@webmail.co.za or Thinta.Lusenga@gauteng.gov.za

    Mobile : 082 698 8462 or (011) 355 7421

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