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    Morning all the bright minds on Skills-Universe!

    Guys, do you have a link, reference or guidelines regarding the average cost/ funding for an accredited Skills Programme to providers? How much SETAs are paying providers, or what the average cost per credit per NQF Level is?

    Any standing regulation, policy on how to price a skills programme per credit per learner? I know in terms of the our “free market” anything “goes” but I trying to benchmark what is realistic especially when the provider needs to include accommodation and Meals?

    The SETA’s usually have had these guidelines on their websites, but I am having difficulty to find it. Any other guidelines or recommendations please?

    You will be a life saver!
    Thank you in advance!

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    Percy Manuel

    Dear Pierre
    The W&R Seta Cost per unit standard is R1500.-00. a skills programmewith more unit standards will be 3 x R1500.00 or 6 x R1500.00.

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    Hi Percy,

    Thank you so much for this very valuable information.
    I do appreciate your response tremendously!


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