By sylviahammond, 24 October, 2018

Are you one of the many South Africans who feel that they would like to do more to create a better future - but life is busy and you are not sure how - or where - to assist.

If you have a My School card you are able to choose the schools you want to support, and every time you go shopping at participating stores, such as Woolworths - you are automatically donating to your chosen schools.
Really easy and not time-consuming at all - once you have received your card.

This is a quote from the MASICORP website, where you can see the programmes being offered:
"MASICORP provides funding for education, and investment in enterprise so that the people of Masiphumelele – a township near Cape Town in South Africa – can escape from poverty."

You can access the site from: and to find out more about the My School programme on

Take a little time out of your day - and make a big difference.


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