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    Andrew Friedemann

    I regularly get requests for people to do the Assessors course – could anybody who provides this please email me details of the courses you offer with costs.

    I particularly need providers who are willing to run courses ‘sometimes‘ away from formal facilities, and tailored to Adventure tourism oriented people. Tactile, kinesthetic ‘A’ type learners.

    PS: They don’t have a lot of money either. Their outdoor toys (work equipment) has already nearly emptied their banks accounts.

    Please send details to:

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    Abbey Ntswana

    Hi Andrew,

    Our company VEB Cele and Associates do provide Assessor, Moderator and Mentoring and Coaching courses. For the Assessor is the generic assessor course unit standard 115753. I am not sure this what you are looking for. As for tailoring it for Adventure Tourism I am not sure. I am willing to try any where. For the current course we have i.e. 115753 our offer is R4000. If you get us 10 people we will give you an Onyx tablet for free for your effort.


    Abbey Ntswana

    083 431 4979.

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One thought on “Assessor Training

  • Lynette Barbara Myers

    All South Africans need to alter their mindsets when it comes to the relationship between education and a sustainable income/career. The best advice I was ever given was to make sure I could do something most other people  could not do for themselves and  preferably need to have done continuously. Hence your very sensible list Sylvia , of jobs that will never go out of fashion!!!

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