By davidloubser, 18 March, 2016

I am the part-owner of a Training Company and am accredited for the assessor unit standard (115753) with the ETDP Seta and the SABPP (HR Quality assurer outsourced by the Service Seta) The assessor standard is part of the HR Diploma.


We do assessor training and upload successful learners with one of the ETQA’S. Recently we have encountered a problem in that a certain person in a certain Seta refuses to acknowledge and accept assessor training endorsed through the SABPP. (One of our learners is trying to get registered as an assessor and the person he is dealing with is insisting that the endorsement be done through the ETDP Seta.


This is crazy- many Setas endorse the same standards- as long as they are loaded on the NLRD.


Can someone out there advise me? 


Regards Dave


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