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    Fiona de Beer Nel

    Good day

    I am looking for assessors and moderators for the following unit standards for accreditation purposes.

    Please send you CV to

    13650 Demonstrate a general understanding of people-environment relationships and current environmental challenges
    13656 Take action to address an environmental issue
    117392 Conduct a range of audits
    13640 Research and analyse an environmental issue in terms of principles of environmental justice and sustainability and recommend possible solutions
    13647 Investigate options for improved environmental management and sustainable living
    123196 Design, plan and implement a waste management system
    244283 Facilitate the development, implementation and maintenance of a Safety, Health and Environment management system
    116967 Demonstrate an understanding of national water related authorisation procedures
    116984 Demonstrate knowledge of water resources management
    117005 Demonstrate knowledge of environmental management tools for permitting and auditing in the water services sector
    116975 Undertake regulatory environmental auditing in the water sector
    12459 Optimise the safety, health and environmental protection system
    255987 Demonstrate knowledge of water related legislation and the responsibilities of management in terms of the acts
    117003 Demonstrate understanding of sections of the occupational health and safety act (act 85 of 1993) applicable to the water sector
    110425 Demonstrate knowledge required to effectively monitor water quality
    263400 Conduct audits of the quality management system
    264458 Explain the regulatory framework for environmental management
    264455 Demonstrate an understanding of integrated environmental management analysis tools
    264461 Demonstrate an understanding of Integrated Waste Management
    264474 Demonstrate an understanding of waste generation and primary storage
    264476 Dispose of waste
    243817 Develop a project risk management plan for a simple to moderately complex project
    336939 Demonstrate an understanding of the mine health and safety Act, for small-scale mining
    336941 Compile an integrated environmental impact management plan for a small-scale mine
    244514 Apply occupational health, safety and environmental legislation in the workplace

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