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      Alfred Hlaka

      Dear Colleagues.

      I am assisting a client to apply for accreditation through ETDP SETA on the following Unit Standards:
      1.Demonstrate knowledge of Deaf culture, the Deaf community and technology, services and education for the Deaf in South Africa, SAQA US ID 115073,NQF Level 04, Credits 08.
      2.Engage in short conversations with a Deaf person on a familiar topic using SASL, SAQA US ID 115074,NQF Level 04, Credits 06.
      3. Perform everyday communicative tasks using South African Sign Language,SAQA US ID 115079, NQF Level 04,Credits 04
      2. My client is a Non Profit deaf organization based in Polokwane City (Limpopo Province).
      3. We are looking for registered Assessor and Moderator for the purposes of accreditation and working relations for the organization to achieve its objectives.
      4. The deaf organization has been providing basic training in sign language for sometime and would like to accredit their services.
      5. For those interested please feel free to drop me an E-mail on

      Alfred Hlaka

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