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    As an experienced psychometrist and budding coach I was wondering what kind of assessment tools (if any) South African coaches are using with their clients. I’ve found a couple of tools such as the EQi to be of particular use in coaching/development situations. Any comments?

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    Tass Schwab

    Hi if you are a registered psychometric the MBTI is an effective tool to use.

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    Hi Tass,
    I’m familiar with the MBTI and it is a lovely tool for coaching and creating self-awareness. What tools are you using?

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    Hi Judy I am using ESCI The Emotional and Social Competency Inventory from the Hay Group. It is proving useful for organisational coaching particularly when individuals do not understand the importance of the ‘soft skills’ in leadership and management.
    Veronica Wantenaar
    Coach, Mentor and change facilitator

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    Hawkins developed a method to Rate Emotional Strengh of a teaching, you could look into that

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