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    Albert Mandizvidza

    We are looking for independent consultants/ companies and full-time employees who can perform the entire assessment process from learner registration with SETA to coordination external verifications and certifications. Specific functions include;

    1. Enrollment of learners
    2. Receive and approve POE submissions
    3. Maintain a POE Register
    4. Liaise with Assessor for the assessment process
    5. Liaise with Moderators for the Moderation
    6. Liaise with the SETA
    • verification request
    • verification reports
    • statement of results
    7. Uploads of learner results
    8. Certification
    9. Maintain a certificate register
    10. Records management
    11. Contextualize, Design, implement, maintain and update a Quality Management System
    12. Ensure continuous compliance to different departments and stakeholders in the SETA/ DHET/ as well as Quality assuring bodies policies and procedures
    13. Engage and build SETA/Stakeholder relationships, and ensure the holding of records thereof.
    14. Manage the upload of learner results across multiple SETA’s, as per SETA specific requirements.
    15. Follow up and book external moderations/verifications/ as well as external moderation management.
    16. Prepare for external moderation / verification and ensure compliance of all projects
    17. Manage external moderation visits and verifications, and follow-ups with the SETA ETQA (and certification department)
    18. Ensure registration and compliance of Assessors and Moderators (specific to SETA requirements and maintain currency
    19. Manage internal learner management system
    20. Follow up to ensure learner certification
    21. Advise of risk and non-compliance (across departments, individuals and projects)
    22. Manage the operational activities of the assessment centre to ensure compliance.
    23. Document and record all quality assurance evaluations, records and communication specific to projects, departmental requirements and organisational standards.
    24. Vast knowledge, understanding and experience across the SETA domain, Quality assuring bodies
    25. Oversee running training’s and liaise with the facilitators, assessors and moderators
    26. SETA Liaison for the company, extension of scope with different Seta’s for the company
    27. SETA learner administration for the company, its partners and clients
    28. SETA accreditation including the extension of scope and memorandum of understanding for the company, partners and clients
    29. Oversee the SETA verification process for the company
    30. Administration procedure maintenance

    Please send profiles, CVs and application letters to

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    Good day
    I am an independent consultant that offers these type of services and more. I also specialise in the implementation of unemployed learnerships and am very experienced in the registration process. Attached please find my company prospectus

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    Gary Nyambuya

    I will drop you an email

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