Are you compliant with EE legislation?

By dessquire, 16 September, 2013

Recent road -shows were concluded in all provinces and the results appear to have been beneficial to all. The areas of focus were

  • The need for compliance with company employment equity plans
  • The need to submit proper analysis of the workforce and align the analysis to the equity plan
  • The need to comply with policies, procedures and practices as required by law
  • The need to consult and keep employees updated related to the company equity plans

Officials of the EE Directorate have been stressing the need and importance of creating employment equity forums in which both the employers representative and workers participate. They also advised employers to spell out the time frames  related to equity plans and to ensure these are achieved before the plans are reviewed.

The implementation of EE they said was fraught with many difficulties  and employers and EE forums should devise mechanisms to deal with barriers to the implementation of affirmative action and EE in general. The objectives set out in EE plans should be achievable and a responsible person should be appointed to ensure monitoring  and compliance at a higher level.  

Companies who fail to abide by the requirements of the law related to EE and who make provision to just pay the fines will soon be penalised as a result of new legislation and amendments to current legislation.

It is now time again to complete reports – 2013 season started on the 1st of September and manual submission closes on the 1st of October – on line submissions close on the 15th of January 2014.

Do you have an up to date EE plan?

Have you established your EE forum?

Have you trained your forum members?

We can assist with the formation and training of your EE Forum, development of EE plans, drawing up of a constitution and  so on.


For more information contact

Des Squire (Managing Member)


011 609 6745 or 082 800 9057

[email protected]


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