Are you an Accredited Training Provider?

By lynelfarrell, 23 October, 2018

Accredited Training Providers – compulsory application deadline to DHET!

Are you an accredited provider with AgriSeta, BankSeta, CathsSeta, CETA, Chieta, EWSeta, ETDP Seta, Fasset, Foodbev, FP&MSeta, HWSeta, InSeta, LGSeta, MICT Seta, MerSeta, MQA, PSeta, SasSeta, Services Seta, Teta, W&R Seta and/or the QCTO? If the answer is yes, then the compulsory application for registration needs to be submitted in hard copy to the DHET before the 30th November 2018.

Whether you are a SMME Provider that offers one single unit standard or a JSE listed corporate company with a training division which is accredited with a SETA, the application to register with the DHET is compulsory. No electronic applications will be accepted. There are 27 business days left to submit your application for registration to the DHET in Pretoria.

Don’t get confused with the grammar used by different Authorities. SETA will say you are a training provider, QCTO will record you as a Skills Development Provider and the DHET will say that you are a Private College – unfortunately we cannot change the way Authorities name you. If you are offering Unit Standards, Skills Programmes or Full Qualifications, and have approval from a SETA to do so, and you have an Accreditation status, then you need to ensure that you submit your application for registration to the DHET before the 30th November 2018.

Do you know what the consequences are if you don’t comply with the compulsory application to register with the DHET? The answer is on page 10 of the DHET guideline. Yes, it is serious.

In order to continue offering your accredited learning programmes, you need to submit your application.

Accredited Providers who do not comply with the stipulation, and continue to offer learning programmes which is credit-bearing, avoiding the DHET’s compulsory application for registration and deadline, will soon be listed as misrepresented or bogus providers in the public domain. This will cause reputational damage for sure.

The DHET application form and guidelines are found on the DHET’s website, go to Resources, then click on Forms, scroll down to 2008, print the 3rd and 4th pdf document, make sure it indicates FPX-01, complete the application, attach all your supporting documents and submit this to the DHET. Ensure you have gone through the guidelines accordingly, and make sure that you follow the new acts as the guideline is outdated by 10 years.

Should you wish to get assistance in compiling the application for registration to the DHET, we have extended our normal hours and offer this service to accredited providers nationwide (big or small). Please note, that our service offering is based on first come, first serve. We will publish our cut-off date, whereby we won’t be taking on further applications soon.

Want to make use of our service in order to submit in time? Visit our website for contact details:


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