Are training costs getting out of hand? Can they be justified?

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    Des Squire

    Many providers are increasing their rates for training to such an extent they have become prohibitive. Surprisingly some can even offer lucrative incentives to entice learners to attend.

    Training costs range from as little as R750 per person per day to somewhere in the region of R2500 and more per day for the same unit standard based programme. This I seriously question as I am sure you do?

    Company management wants to know the money they are spending on training is well spent. They want to know they are getting sufficient return on their training investment (ROI).

    The situation has deteriorated to the extent that many companies can no longer afford to train their staff. I feel it is time we as providers had a good look at what we are charging? The value of training is contained in the quality of the material and the feffectiveness of the facilitator and not on the financial value placed on training individual learners as appears to be the case.

    HR practitioners appear to think training, if it is reduced to say R800 per person per day, is of an inferior quality. Nothing could b further from the truth.

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    What’s the going range for a facilitator per day?

    Des Squire

    Hi Kaybee

    Anything from R1500 per day to R6500 per day – there is no standard and no fixed rate. I have even been quoted R10000 for one day.


    AMEN Des!!!


    I do agree training has become so expensive that companies no longer afford to train their staff. Evertime when I get a quote from a service provider I just want to scream.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 54 total)
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One thought on “Are training costs getting out of hand? Can they be justified?

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