Are learners resisting learning?

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    Hi. I’m not a Unionist, but I agree that the cost for higher learning is unaffordable for the majority of people (Black and White). Higher education should not cost an arm and a leg. Education and the ‘passing on of knowledge’ should never be only for the priviledged few who can afford it. However, one also has to avoid a situation where institutions become places for ‘eternal students’, i.e. those who are after studying an undergratuate degree (3 years) are still studying the same degree after 10 or 12 years. A basic amount should be payable, e.g. R 500,00 per semester. How ‘free’ education should be funded? SA is wasting Billions on corruption, nepotism, etc. Rectify that ill and you’ll have enough money to build more universities and offer it for ‘free’.


    Hi, if the above means that tertiary education should be affordable, I fully agree. Maybe based on last tax return. With the proviso that there is an entrance exam good enough to produce at least 80% throughput success. We are a very rich country with cheap coal and huge mineral reserves – we can easily have affordable education for everyone if our leaders want it. The country’s leadership would however have to accept a reduction in the inequality gap, and a more discerning population. Realistically that probably requires a new governing party – maybe a Worker’s Party,  same as in Brazil.

Viewing 2 posts - 6 through 7 (of 7 total)
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