Appointment of a Service Provider to Provide Security Services

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    Bronwyn Newman





    The Services Sector for Education and Training Authority (Services SETA) is a statutory body established through the Skills Development Act of 1998 to enable its stakeholders to advance skills levels in the sector in accordance to government’s growth initiatives.  All SETAs were recently reviewed and Services SETA has been re- licensed to execute its mandate for the next five years (to March 2016). The Services SETA is striving to build a system where skills production and development respond to the socio-economic needs of our country and its labour market. Such high-quality skills will in turn enhance investment and improve service delivery; read more on the Services SETA website:

    The Services SETA identified a need to appoint ONE reputable service provider to render security and related services to Services SETA to minimize physical risk to staff and other persons and risk of loss or damage to Services SETA’s property and premises for a period of two years.


    Special Notes:

    1. 1.      Bid documents are available on the Services SETA website.
    2. 2.      Queries with regard to this bid may be directed to Nonhlanhla Nkadimeng at up to 15H00 on 01 February 2013.
    3. 3.      Please quote Reference Number: PROC-T213 in all correspondence.  Correspondence without a reference number will not be attended to.



    The closing date and time for submissions is 08 February 2013 at 11h00. Submissions should be delivered into the Tender Box to: The Procurement Manager, Services SETA, Ristone Office Park, 15   Sherborne Rd, Parktown, Johannesburg.


    No late submissions will be considered under any circumstances.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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One thought on “Appointment of a Service Provider to Provide Security Services

  • Zerelde Uys

    Thank you Jacqui for explaining FASSET process. May I please add that not all SETAs are problematic. Some really have sensible QA measures in place and workable administration systems. ETDP has always been straight-forward and reasonable to negotiate, but this year is another story. All the more reason to alert their board whilst something can still be done.

    But I would like to understand why the interpretation of how to assure quality differs so vastly from one SETA to the next. Especially ETD should regard their practitioners as being professionals in the field of education practice once they have accredited them as such. However, they have increased their ‘police’ measures, resulting in an incredible checklist mentality approach to paper presentation, without actually ensuring better quality of learning. That is why I feel so strongly about the programme approval – surely that should provide the first indication of qaulity of delivery. But then, an excellent programme can be destroyed by an unskilled facilitator. And who checks that? Or measures it for that matter? They encourage a moderation-to-death process, but no-one asks how many learners actually benefit by being changed in the place of application?

    But then….this is another conversation. 

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