By Wynand, 15 December, 2018

AGRICOLLEGES international
AGRICOLLEGES international (ACI) is a dynamic young company taking all levels of agricultural training to the e-learning environment.

Job title: Subject Matter Expert in Animal Science– PART TIME CONTRACT

• Curriculum development and compilation of complete course material, including assessments and practicals for Animal Science modules for the NQF 5 level programmes in Agriculture;
• The curriculum entails four modules totalling the equivalent of 45 credits as follows:
o Animal Anatomy and Physiology (10 credits)
o Animal Nutrition (15 credits)
o Animal production Systems (10 credits)
o Management of Animal health and welfare (10 credits)

Job requirements:
• MSc in Animal Science;
• Ability and proven experience in Animal Science education at tertiary level.

• Recognition within the field or discipline on a National and/or International level;
• Relevant experience in industry-related, applied training;
• Relevant computer proficiency;
• Proven competence to work under time constraints;
• Proven competence to function well within a group but also to work independently; and
• Sound interpersonal skills.

Commencement of duties: This is a part-time project driven position according to a specific scope of work and is immediately available.

Closing date: 31 December 2018


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