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    Hannes Nel

    Take it slow, just relax, enjoy life. You will understand what this is about if you listen to Mozart’s Piano concerto number 21. Or if you are in a more amorous mood, listen to ABBAs Andante, Andante.

    We so often make life difficult for ourselves and for other people, ironically because we actually care for them.

    Caring about others can never be wrong. People who brag, who always know better, who must drive the most expensive car, wear only brand name clothes, are doing so because they wish to impress you. They want you to like them and it is good, because it means that they like you, probably respect you and look up to you.

    Pride and envy is the actual sin and if you feel jealous or irritated with their behaviour you are the one who is in the wrong.

    Andante – be patient. Dance to the slow music of life. Understand that the government official who is panicking because of your aggressive insults would love to provide you with a professional service. You will most certainly not speed up or improve the process by threatening them. If it is anger that you are feeling, then you are the one who is wrong. Of course, if the official is clearly just lazy, then she or he deserves to be corrected. However, patience and some humour will probably achieve much more than misplaced frustration and rage.

    “Take it easy with me, please. Touch me gently like a summer evening breeze. Take your time, make it slow.” No doubt ABBA had something different in mind (although still important and relevant) it also applies to the way we live and interact with others. Lust and gluttony go hand in hand, and both are the result of self-centeredness. The more we live for others, the better will our lives be.

    And then, the mother of all sins, the one that might well destroy our country and the world. Greed is the culmination of pride, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony and sloth. The only way in which we will succeed in achieving safety, peace and happiness in our country is if we all care for and trust one another. I wish you all a most successful and happy new year.

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    sylvia hammond

    Thank you Hannes – taking things slowly today is all we can do – my phone tells me it’s 36 degrees & I’m sitting quietly in my office – what the temperature is outside I dare not think about!  As I’ve just sent out Brian van Moore’s posting, I’ll send yours out tomorrow morning.

    All the very best for a successful year ahead. I suspect we will have many challenges – but then they are all chances for us to show our mettle.

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    Absolutely awesome, Andre.

    Thank you!

    Happy New Year!

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    Simple and profound, thank you Hannes.

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    Charles Dey

    And so say all of us. Many thanks for taking the time to share these and all your other insightful and valuable thoughts in 2015.

    All the best for 2015

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    Thoughtful and welcome New Year message Hannes. I believe we should all “chill’ somewhat at this time, reflecting on our own input to solutions for the problems…sorry challenges… being experienced by society and our beloved country and indeed the whole world. We should be making some plans to improve our own effort to make things better for all. And yes, listen to some Mozart and ABBA. Andante is an insightful and appropriate word. Thank you! 

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    Thabisile Zikalala

    Thank you Hannes, powerful words indeed.  

    Wishing you the best in 2016

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