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    If you have a new employee ( working less than a week) whom tells you that he/she does not like working in your company but needs the job due to financial reasons. What can you as the employer do? Do you keep the person on until they find another job and invest training time as well?

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    Nicole van Eeden

    Hi Nadia

    First of all the employer should sit the person down to discuss the issues, based on INCOMPATIBILITY. (he / she does not fit in with the culture of the business). Have a third party present to avoid the “I say – you say” scenario. If the person acknowledges that this is the case (that he / she does not want to work there) the employment relationship could terminate.


    The employer must take notes of the discussions (as one would do in a disciplinary hearing), the Act makes provision that the employer could “do away with some of the formalities” because it is still in the probation period, then tell the employee to take a hike. The first prize would obviously be that the employee agrees that he does not want to work for the employer in the presence of witnesses.   

    Hope this helps a bit.




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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