By natashadickinson, 19 January, 2018

Hi fellow professionals

I have been a content developer of accredited material for 5 years and have written a number of qualifications and skills programmes. This has been on a "full-time" basis, where I was contracted to develop a specific number of hours and I was paid a fixed retainer for that.

Due to time restraints and a need for growth, I will be leaving my company and moving more into facilitation. However, I would still like to do some development work on a contract basis. The company I am leaving has also asked me to quote for development of a specific qualification.

The problem I have is this: How does one go about quoting for this work? What is the average rate for development? Someone made mention of the fact that it can be charged per unit standard, but I am not sure how that would work either.

Any advice you have in terms of this would be greatly appreciated.



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