Advice needed - Suggested salary for Project Manager / Co-ordinator

By Anonymous (not verified), 25 February, 2013

I would like some advice regarding what can be seen as a reasonable salary package for a person performing the following tasks regarding a Learnership in Chemical Operations, NQF 1 - 120 credits. We are approaching salary negotiations and I would like to gain information as what can be seen as a competitive salary package.


The person will act as Project Manager for the abovementioned learnership, involving between 20 and 30 full-time learners. The responsibilities will involve the following :


-Scheduling of learner programme and schedule, including theoretical and practical sessions.

-Enrollment and registration of learners with CHIETA

-Administration of learner material (ordering, binding, issueing)

-Facilitation of certain Unit Standards

-Marking of all Unit Standard (Workbooks and Assessments per learner) (120 credits)

-Assessing and signing off of all Unit Standards (120 credits)

-Compilation of POE's

-Administrating QALA with CHIETA


Thank you


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