Advice needed - how to deal with TVET unprofessional behaviour & financial impact to provider

By nompumelelopro…, 14 February, 2016

Dear Members

I would appreciate if someone can provide advice on what is the best thing to do in our situation which is as follows:

  • We got a purchase order to conduct the facilitator course last year from a public TVET, which is based in a different province from us.
  • We were given a date and on the day we purchased the flight ticket , we got a call that lecturers are still busy marking so they indicated that the training will be conducted the following,
  • so on our side we had to change the flight ticket dates and we were charged R800 for that whereas the initial ticket was R1300 and we paid the R800 and when we had to go for the training based on the new date, we got a call again on Friday to say ,,,the training had to be postponed  due to the marking issue again.
  • We had already prepared the material for 30 delegates and then afterwards we were told we must submit an invoice for the travelling expenses so that they can refund us and we did but then they indicated that they will only refund the cancellation fee of R800 and not the initial R1300  and from there it was not an easy situation for us, as we tried to indicate that we have already spent a lot of money preparing and even with travelling ,,they had to refund us in full.
  • We made follow-ups several times and we were taken from pillar to post until recently the skills development facilitator indicated that they are still waiting and they will come back to us and
  • when we send another follow-up to find out about the possible dates...we are not getting any joy as there is no response from their side and their phones are not answered  ....

We are really frustrated about this unprofessional conduct and we would like sound advice on how to deal with this matter and we are an SMME , we really  feel that we are taken advantage of.

Your assistance on the way forward will be highly appreciated.

Thank you



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