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    Lindsay Calder

    Hi, I wanted to find out the process as to how I would get an LMS platform/system accredited by various Setas. What would be my starting point and what would the process involve.

    Thanks, Lindsay

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    Nigel Shipston

    Hi Lindsay,
    As far as I am aware, SETA’s don’t accredit LMS platforms/systems. Most of the SETA’s have their own systems which training providers are expected to align with for uploading purposes. Provider LMS’s need to address the particular requirements of their respective SETA, many of whom are using a highly dodgy and user unfriendly system from one of the big name brand companies. Training providers are at liberty to choose whatever LMS they like (there are a number currently available), as long as it addresses the SETA upload requirements and the providers operation.

    At this stage it may be better to look at a system that will comply with QCTO requirements, bearing in mind that they will eventually be in control of all these processes.

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    Kate Sani

    Dear Lindsay. Are you referring to an LMS for e-learning? If so, each SETA “accredits” / approves on a case by case basis on the receipt of your application for Provider accreditation and/or Programme accreditation.

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