Accredited SDF Programme in Johannesburg – Urgently required

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    Hello all! I am urgently looking for an accredited service provider to do my SDF qualification with….any recommendations for a JHB organisation? Please mail details to me at It’s just for 1 person so a public course will be great.

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Traci-Ann – have a look at the Directory on the skills portal –

    search for courses on

    apply for a quote for training:

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    Janelle Gravett


    You could try Khulisane Academy.  They run a very good programme.  Contact Marlene (CEO) on 012 942 0007.  They also have a very good SDF ToolKit available.

    regards Janelle


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One thought on “Accredited SDF Programme in Johannesburg – Urgently required

  • Brian Moores-Pitt

    Hi Sylvia,
    One can put Doc Sooliman in the same envelope as Mandela and Gandi. They share many things – not least their remarkable courage and humility. I have known him for many years (he is my neighbour and we trained his children) and he, like Mandela, constitutes an immeasurable inspiration and moral anchor in our society. He is a servant-leader of absolutely outstanding capacity and there is much that those involved in the business of leadership and leadership development can learn from him. His case studies should be part of our standard school and tertiary curricula. Once again, I salute Doc Imtiaz Sooliman, his family and his team for their courageous and unselfish contribution to a better global society. Please continue to give them all the exposure and support you can.

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