Accredited Onsite Training for 57715 Generic Management (Learnership ready)

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      Tass Schwab

      We are a BEE Compliant Accredited Training Service Provider. The Training is done ON SITE anywhere in the country.  

      This Full Qualification must be trained over a 12-month period. A total number of 37 days face to-
      face training is required as well as 1,050 workplace hours logged over a 12-month period of
      any-day-work-related-activities linked to the content.

      This could be structured in a way your company can afford your employees to attend training
      with the least disruption, e.g. 7 ½ weeks of training spread over 12 months; 3 days training per
      month spread over 12 months; 1 day per week training spread over 10 months with 2 final
      months of practical work.

      If a delegate has a matric certificate with English and a 2nd language as well as math literacy or accounting, he / she might qualify to receive Recognition of Prior Learning and could be credited with (most of) the Fundamental USs. This not only decrease the cost for these delegates, but also saves approximately 2 – 3 months of training and time to be spend.

      We also offer other various Qualifcations and training connect now:

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