By sylviahammond, 3 December, 2018

Have you received a bright red page when trying to access the QCTO site?

Tafadzwa Ramhewa
Confirmed the following to me 2:17 PM (2 minutes ago)

"Dear Sylvia
I hope you are well.
The root cause of the warning of our website having a warning as deceptive is that Google as an organization (via Google Chrome) decided a few months ago to mark ALL websites without a security certificate as “Unsafe” and block any users from accessing those websites.

A security /SSL certificate basically identifies a website as legit or trusted to the web browser.

Whilst we are working on resolving this matter please access the QCTO website using other browsers (excluding Google Chrome) such as Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer ,Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari .

You may get a banner saying this website might not be safe (it is indeed safe, I assure you) ,just click “Proceed anyway” and it will open."

This is forwarded for your information.


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