Abuse of Freelancers

By shawnnaidu, 28 August, 2016

Hello Everyone

Part if my portfolio is to consult to other training providers as a soft skills specialist.

I know its not a new problem, but just recently I had 2 Training Providers cancel training on me literally 1 working day before the workshops. The one had already scheduled dates with me and sent me all materials to prepare. I only had to sign the contract but queried a few points in the contract, One of which, was that I was supposed to facilitate and assess the POE's without been paid for assessments.

The 2nd issue was that as freelancers in this project even though we are not employed by the company and not entitled to any company benefits, what we will be entitled to, is the companies internal disciplinary procedures if the need arises.

After questioning both these points, I was rather hastily informed that they will not proceed further with me in this project, even though I had already booked out my calender for them for the next 2 weeks and had already declined other clients who needed me. I not only lost income from that project to who I had committed but also from other clients, just becsuse i raised questions regarding the contract, which I had the right to do.

The 2nd training company also cancel a day before a week's training after they had booked me. They were not willing to compensate me at all for dropping me at the last minute.

I am sure this has happened other freelancers. So my question is, what can freelancers do together, to protect themselves from these unethical training companies? Expose them? Name and Shame?


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