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    Rufaz M Mavhure

    Many times Training Providers advertise work as a way to get CVS and Accreditation documents so that they use for either registrations or negotiating tenders. Very few have the professional mouth to tell that “I want documents for accreditation purposes”. ItS a moral call for those in training to be profesional;transparent and faithful to each other. If SETAs could publish so called “Our Assessors or Facilitators” some freelancers would be appearing on more than 100 providers lists but never get a day  any assignments.

    Its common knowledge that Zimbabwean consititute a higher number of facilitators who can accept any rand. A Zim with a degree or a masters should for sure get a better daily rate but they are on some ” Anything so long life”. How does one feel when he/she train/facilitate a course with Directors or Senior Managers but get R1000 per day or R1200. Sounds intellectual slavery in our lifetime.

    Reading through some Company profile you see 100% lies.What is said is opposite whats on the ground. I know there are VERY GOOD PROVIDERS OUT THERE but the space is now flooded by briefcase guys whose quest is quick bucks at the expense of real national skills training and developments.

    If you in this game you know what am sayin. In soccer a former player is a respected coach and so in training a training providers who display top of range world class implementation of what we train. You training about moral and motivation but your own staff are not motivated? ### JUSTSAYING

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    Sad but true


    For a lot of providers this is a money-making scheme. Pity there is no body to oversee this aspect of skills provision, delivery, moderation and ensures that professional standards are maintained. It’s a free for all! The next thing is that government will step in with regulation and no one will like that.

    Graeme Lategan

    This a sad fact I have had many approach me  – The minute you ask me for my documents I am already suspicious – I charge a very high rate for the documents – I DO NOT RELEASE THEM UNTIL YOU PAY THAT FEE – do the same…At the same time if a provider cannot pay for facilitation then they should not be in business – Scrutinize the request carefully….


    True, Graeme. I have lost out on a lot of potential contracts because I have refused to compromise. I suppose this is one of the ways our profession is undermined. Those that want to maintain professionalism will eventually leave the field and operate elsewhere.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 20 total)
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