By dessquire, 4 January, 2017

As an able bodied and capable person I have decided to put myself back into the employment market. There are many reasons for this decision which I will not go into here - but I am more than willing to discuss with anyone who might wish to do so.

I have many years business experience to offer and feel many people can benefit from this experience. I do not want to restrict myself or those who might wish to respond so I am open to all suggestions.

I have many years of general management experience and I am a good HR/IR generalist. I am good in the area of mentoring, training and development of others. I am qualified in many of the areas related to ODETD and classify myself as an ODETD professional. I have been gifted in so many areas I feel I could make a very good caretaker (or similar) at some institution. I might be of interest to someone wanting to start or develop a business.

Seriously, I am open to any suggestions or ideas and I am willing to meet and discuss whatever is being offered. I really do not want to stop working as I would be bored to death if I had to do so, but I must also try to continue earning a living as I do not enjoy the luxury of a pension.
So why not break away from the conventional and consider giving an opportunity to an old, able bodied person who has so much to offer. Contact [email protected]    


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