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      hi I am a qualified educator and specialise in life orientation, technology and english. I am a  recently qualified facilitator and am currently looking for a job in either abet facilitating or training in and around durban or even kzn. If anyone has any info on how to become contracted by training company or on how to become involed in facilitation, please advise me.. thanks

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      I read your post with much empathy. I am in near similar circumstances. I guess the trick is to find a start somewhere…here’s the hard part….even voluntary if possible…..and i knwo we all need bucks….

      Ragrding ABET..I know that you can start an ABET satelite by hooking up with an exisitng provider. They are regsitered with the various Education depts all over SA. Some of them need people like yourself….some of them even are able to provide some remuneration….the target should be to grow your satelite towards independence where you get your own Number….the  things begin to move in the right direction….

      I’m just trying to help….lol

      My cell is 082 920 3767


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      hi Andy

      thanks for the info .. it is highly appreciated. would like to know more about the ABET satelite .. will give you a call soon thanks alot .


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