A Message to the Service Seta Stakeholders and to the Learners Affected by the Withdrawal of DITASA’S Accreditation as a Training Provider

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    Bronwyn Newman

    29 January 2013, Parktown, Johannesburg


    A number of people purporting to be learners registered with DITASA approached Services SETA (SSETA). Some of the people referred SSETA to a Settlement Agreement signed on behalf of SSETA and DITASA, made an order of court by agreement of the parties in settling a court process where DITASA had taken SSETA to court. These people claimed to have been given the document by DITASA as they were also told by DITASA that SSETA is in contempt of court as it had not complied with the court order, reasons of which DITASA wanted the learners to establish from SSETA on their own.

    SSETA responds as follows to the misinformation by DITASA regarding the matter:

    1. SSETA scheduled an external moderation of a batch of learners who were part of the list in the legal dispute with effect from 17 September 2012. DITASA had agreed to the dates and when final confirmation of the attendance of the external moderators was being done DITASA informed SSETA that it does not approve of the process until there was a settlement agreement.
    2. That scheduling was cancelled and SSETA awaited DITASA to revert after obtaining legal advice from their lawyers.
    3. The Settlement Agreement dealt with dates starting from 25 September 2012. SSETA ETQA awaited DITASA to revert before scheduling the next external moderation. DITASA did not revert but instead told learners that SSETA was in contempt of court. In response to that SSETA then arranged for new dates with DITASA with effect from 29 October 2012 to 9 November 2012 for the first new batch of POEs. DITASA agreed and the external moderators started indeed on 29 October 2012 until 3rd November 2012.
    4. When the external moderators returned to continue on Monday 5th November 2012 they were denied access by DITASA. They returned without finishing and the matter was returned to the lawyers who were assisting SSETA for advice and further action. This is where the matter stands at the moment and DITASA’s communication to the learners is factually misleading.
    5. SSETA has invited all persons affected by the withdrawal of accreditation of DITASA to complete a form that is available in the regional offices in order to be assisted further by SSETA.

    The SSETA is aware of the inconvenience suffered by learners in this process.  We must express our regret at this, and assure learners that we are committed to resolving this matter expeditiously.

    END: For more information on the Services Seta, please visit http://www.serviceseta.org.za

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