A Dream Too Bold to Behold

By brianmoores-pitt, 31 May, 2010

There is new talk of encouraging business entrepreneurship in schools across the country.  That a new policy initiative will focus on building an entrepreneurial culture amongst the broader spectrum of our population. That informed efforts are to be made to turn around the entrenched negative perceptions about business and profits amongst educators and the youth.


It is rumored the Minister of Education and the head of ANCYL will stand together at the opening ceremony and make an unambiguous announcement about the positive impact of business.  They are to affirm the view of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development that most businesses benefit society simply by doing business...they meet customers needs for cheaper and better goods and services...they create jobs...they pay wages and salaries...they provide for employees and families through pensions and health plans...they innovate to create products that contribute to human progress...they pay taxes that fund public services and infrastructure... they create work for millions of suppliers, many of them small- and medium-sized enterprises...they generate profits for shareholders, many of whom are small investors and members of retirement funds....and that when businesses make a profit, it is an indication that they have already given something back to the community.


Rather that constantly striving to regulate and transform business, government and the DOE is to spearhead a massive public campaign to promote entrepreneurship in South Africa as a most honorable profession for the youth?


Aaaaaaah well!! Perhaps not : ). 



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