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    Des Squire

    I came into this world – sentenced to death

    I can feel no guilt – it’s not my fault

    I was conceived and born in this state

    I had no choice! – I was not asked!


    Those with a choice made a decision

    To give life to me – I am their child

    My parents who knew their HIV status

    Conceived and gave birth – they condemned me to death


    My life will be brief – is this really fair?

    Suffer and die – I do not know when!

    No one will want me – I’ll be cast out

    By prejudiced people who don’t want to know


    Why should this happen to me just a child?

    My parents decided – I had no choice

    The decision they made – should this be allowed?

    Should they be allowed pass sentence on me?


    Think of me now and learn what you can

    As this is my message to all who might read


    Live and act in a responsible manner

    Think of your offspring before you have sex

    Go and be tested for their sake and yours

    Don’t spread the virus – don’t take a chance


    Abstain if you can – you know that you should!

    Practice safe sex – you know that you must!

    You have a choice – you have a right

    Say no till your married – be certain it’s safe


    I had no choice – now I will die

    You have a choice – I wish I had




    Ó Desmond Squire

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    So profound! Hope this lament doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

    Des Squire

    Hi Thabile

    Thank you for the comment. I wrote this as I feel very sad for the infected and affected children. I did intend to try to shock others into the realisation that their lifestyls can have a very profound effect on the livs of others. Please feel free to circulate this to those you feel might benefit. Stay wll and all of the best for 2011.


    Hi Des
    Will definitely circulate this. What we do to innocent children is cruel & selfish because we always have a choice.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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