7 Tips on how to edit your profile to promote yourself and your business on skills-universe

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    sylvia hammond

    There are two main ways of promoting yourself (your brand), and your business on skills-universe:

    • how you participate and display your knowledge and services, and
    • how you edit your profile.

    The following 7 tips deal with editing your profile.

    1.  Ensure that your name is displayed correctly – what impression do you think clients or potential employers will have if you are not careful enough to spell your own name properly?  If you have a nickname that is well known, then use your nickname as well as your surname. People signing up for skills-universe who don’t give their full name are regularly rejected.

    2.  Your photo – your image to the world – what does it display? Too far away for anyone to recognise you? Very blurry and also unrecognisable? A photo taken at your last birthday party or sports game wearing a funny hat and not looking very sober? It is now common practice for potential employers and clients to search the internet before an interview or meeting with a new contact.  What will they find? Not only on skills-universe, but also Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn?  Will they want to meet you, work with you, employ you? 

    3.  There are a number of fields that ask for further information about you and the company with which you are associated.  Many members have left these fields blank.  But these are the fields that people will search to find out about you – not only other skills-universe members, but the Google search engine, as well as other search engines, will find you via these fields.  

    4. Think carefully about how you describe yourself – what are the words that people may enter into the search field or search engine? Fields that distinguish your special skills are very important.  Are you a subject matter expert in a particular field? Do you have a scarce skill? Do you understand what Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CAT) is? Are you an expert in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)? Remember the person searching may use either the full description or the acronym, so make sure that you have entered both.

    5.  Your qualifications.  Yes, we know that qualifications aren’t everything and many people without qualifications produce excellent work and do very well.  But if you have a relevant qualification, ensure that it is mentioned in your profile. You could also take a photo of it and add it to your photos – it will show on your page.

    6.  Choose carefully what Groups you join because they show on your profile. Your choices say something about who you are and your work, and your interests.

    7.  Make sure that your profile is set to receive emails and broadcast messages.  Yes, it will add to your email inbox but without the emails you don’t know what you are missing.  On the Inbox side make sure that you have skills-universe in your safe senders list, or on gmail make sure that you indicate that the skills-universe messages are “not spam”.  For discussions make sure that you click the “follow” option if you want to be updated when there is a new contribution to an active discussion that interests you.

       We hope that these hints are helpful to promote your personal brand and your business. Enjoy the weekend, take new professional looking photos, update your profile pic, and add the photos to your photo album to show on your page.


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    Jaison Sibanda

    Thanks a lot Sylvia will take that into note

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    Dinesh Maharaj Dtm

    Much appreciated

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    Kagisho Mampane

    Very Informative. 

    We must not forget also the cell phone etiquette.

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    sylvia hammond

    Thanks Kagisho, I will make cell phone etiquette a separate posting.

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