2x Bank seta tenders Facilitators Credit Loan Officer training

By gavintonks, 22 October, 2017

Charter Academy is presently wishing to tender for the following work and requires nqf6 qualified facilitators.

The BANKSETA will be providing Credit Loan Officer training support to Small and Micro Finance Enterprises including Debt Counsellors, Rural housing financiers, Credit Bureau and Community Based

Organizations (CBO’s), Micro lenders; Cooperative Financial Institutions and Development Financial Institutions etc.

The focus will be on Credit Loan Officer Training. The training conducted in the project must be able to provide credits to the newly developed QCTO qualification related to the credit loan officer, when this is registered.

7.3 Facilitators must have 3 years experienced in training in credit related training (Submission of 3 CV of facilitators with a minimum of NQF 6 qualification)
(provide certified copies of qualifications).


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