By bronwynnewman, 10 April, 2014

The Commission for Employment Equity (CEE), is a statutory body established in terms of section 28 of the EE Act to advise the Minister, the CEE is required to submit an annual report to the Minister of Labour on the implementation of employment equity in terms of Section 33 of the Act. This is the 14th Annual report submitted tot he MInister by the CEE since the first report of 2000.


Workforce distribution provides information on the Economically Active Population (EAP) of the country’s four major population groupings in terms of their race and gender, which is crucial for the setting of EE numerical goals. The trends analysis provides a snapshot of changes in the top four occupational levels for the years 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013. Focus is placed on these specific reporting periods because this is when only large employers submitted reports to the Department.


Employers with 150 or more employees (i.e. large employers) are required by the Act to report annually to the Department of Labour. Employers with fewer than 150 employees (i.e. small employers) are required to report every two years. A further requirement is for employers with fewer than 50 employees but who have a turnover exceeding that of a small business (as stipulated in Schedule 4 of the Act) to report. Employers who are not designated to report in terms of the aforementioned requirements have the option to voluntarily comply with the reporting requirements. From the 2014 reporting period, due to the amendments to the Act, all employers, both large and small, will be required to report annually.


To download the full Commission for Employment Equity (CEE), Report 

14 CEE Annual Report.pdf



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