By sylviahammond, 24 June, 2012

I love my country passionately and equally passionately believe in education and skills development as the major route to reduce inequality and eradicate poverty, improve communication, resolve conflict and provide a dignified life.  Books are key tools in education and training.  SA has contributed magnificently to restoring and preserving old writings in Mali. Equal education is fighting for libraries as the majority of schools have none.  There is legal action by parents to obtain books. We have millions of unemployed people. So I ask myself, what are all the things you can do with books other than burning them?

(Remember this is plastic wrappers, thin cardboard covers, paper.)

Use them in a school that doesn't have books - even if some of the pages are missing - use the pages that are there - some pages are better than none.

Give them to students of book-binding, archiving, librarians and get them to restore the books as part of their training.

Give them to the unemployed youth to sort into complete, incomplete, totally unusable - employ unemployed trainers to provide appropriate training for the project.

Sort our good pages of the books - create posters with the good pages to adorn school walls.

Use the pages for art work - colouring in words, or painting over the printed words.

Give unemployed youth the covers and turn them into folders, small storage boxes for pencils.  

Give the books to all ECD centres to make paper aeroplanes, mobiles of cut out animals - have the children colour them in, hang them on the walls with the children's names - with animals identified by name and colour.

And if you can't think of any educational use - recycle them:

Use the paper to make compost - give them to gardeners, agricultural workers - provide training on how to use them to make compost.

Use them to wallpaper shacks, community centres, schools, and provide training to unemployed youth on how to make wallpaper paste and to wallpaper - great for children - and illiterate adults to interact with the information.

Teach everyone to make papier mache objects - paint and decorate and sell for an income - use national TV to provide training - screen just before one of the soapies - maybe NZH can increase their circulation (Scandal reference).

Recycle the plastic - at the nearest recycling centre.

Shred the paper and sell it for MONEY to the nearest recycling centre.

Personally I think book burning should be a criminal offence - please help me - what can we do to prevent book burning?




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