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One thought on “Verifiers / Evaluators of ETD Providers

  • Simphiwe Mdikane

    Hi Lance.

    I just recently left a big rail company to go on my own. Training is all I know, together with the legislation that goes with it. I saw a need to assist small siding operators in the rail industry because they are struggling to maintain their operating licenses with the regulatory bodies. You are correct, it is easy for these companies to be taken for a ride, and that why I aim to assist them as part of my offerings. Unfortunately there are legal requirements that must be complied with when it comes to operating big machinery and we cannot run away from those.

    Though we have these laws in the country, they are however not absolute. One can approach either the DoL or their regulatory body and strike a deal with them when it comes to training. If after evaluating your proposal they feel that it is workable, they will grant you a special permit if it requires some kind of exemption from the norm. I have seen this happen before.

    Getting accreditation may not be a problem as all you have to do is produce the required docs and equipment. That is why companies must be educated and know what they are getting from their providers. We aim to do just that as well as provide training where we can impart all this knowledge we have acquired over the years. 

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