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One thought on “The Skills-Universe Book Club

  • Nigel Shipston

    Well, well! Lance say welcome to my fellow conspirator and adopted little sister with the voice of reason!

    Lynel, perhaps you have touched on a little more here.  I think the range of training that training providers take on is often more than they are really capable of, or sufficiently knowledgeable about.  I see scaffolding personnel being trained by people who often have no clue about SANS 10085.  I see people training others on working at heights, without proper background, and fiddling with fall rescue, when training on fall rescue has proven almost as deadly to training participants as incidents in the workplace.

    With my experience, you will forgive me for being a little critical, but training providers need to focus on what they know, and not dabble in fields in which they have minimal knowledge or background.  By doing this, perhaps they will be better suited to advising customers as to correct procedures, which is what should be happening.

    Unfortunately, what you experienced with your First Aid training is just another method of short circuiting the system.  To avoid the time, costs and effort of accreditation, many providers offer training and issue Certificates of attendance, not Competency, which only accredited providers can offer.  This play on wording permits them to appear “credible” and “valid”, but of course, under close scrutiny at any later stage, this results in considerable disadvantage to learners/employers.

    And that uneasy feeling about acting in an emergency?  I fear that feeling is probably experienced, but never expressed, by many more people who have been found “competent” in various fields.  This is what happens when the only commitment to training is turnover and profit.

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