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  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    Hi Dave,

    I created the Categories.

    The purpose of skills-universe is to enable practitioners, employers and employees, students and academics within a very broad definition of both learning and work – including activities of occupational health and safety and employment relations, to share knowledge and information with each other.

    All of the Portal Publishing sites are based open access to information.

    We wish to encourage sharing of information, which serves a number of purposes:

    • new entrants gain knowledge
    • experienced practitioners gain reputation and personal credibility
    • recognised professionals contribute to development and recognition of their profession¬†
    • skills, knowledge, and capacity are generally enhanced, and
    • institutions charged with implementation of workplace activities of skills development, education and training, employment equity and development, and health and safety are supported – not in a sycophantic manner, but via promotion of activities, and constructive criticism and engagement. ¬†

    Members who have “Contributor” designation regularly contribute information and share their knowledge. They post discussions and contribute to discussions posted by other members.

    Some members have been designated as “Expert” either by virtue of their position, or their contributions identify them as experts in their field.

    It is entirely my subjective opinion of what comes to my attention by working on the site on a daily basis. However, I’m always happy to consider any suggestions.

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