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Viewing 6 topics - 1 through 5 (of 220 total)
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One thought on “Independent Consultants

  • Jaison Sibanda

    Hie Ian, interesting discussion on a lazy Friday. Normally I always look at the coin on both sides, firstly yes Penny was wrong on her statement coz for years blacks have been taken as “monkies or baboons” and that word monkies turned everything sour. Secondly, I feel she was right by expressing her feeling by the barbaric behaviour that my fellow brothers have. I once visited Durban waters with my family and the experience I encountered was bad. A few boys snatched by little girl’s sand castle bucket and ran away, she was left traumatised, not only that they pee in the water and steal peoples snacks and all other silly things. So Penny’s freedom of speech was some what taken for hate speech by the words she used but in some ways she was right. Its our behaviour and mindsets that will keep this word racism in our vocabulary.

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