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One thought on “General – topics not covered by categories

  • Des Squire

    The recent march by the DA through Johannesburg and the response from the ANC is the personification of childishness.


    Whatever the perceived motive or whatever the message to be delivered was (by either party) the way in which it was done was nothing short of disgusting. There is no place in our society for this form of demonstration as it is nothing short of recklessness.


    Our two leading parties are making a mockery of what this country is supposed to stand for, they are making a mockery of the legacy of Madiba and they are making SA the laughing stock of the world.


    I say shame on the DA and its leadership and shame on the ANC and its leadership for your combined childish behaviour. Have you taken stock of the damage to the image of the country you have caused as a result of your obstinate behaviour?


    There are so many issues that need to be addressed and there is so much work to be done yet our politicians have time and money to waste on useless and futile marches and demonstrations.


    The behaviour of those involved in the march – without placing the blame anywhere was, to say the least disgusting. Paving stones were ripped up from pavements and bricks removed from other structures. This is the behaviour of children as is the burning of tyres, blocking of roads, tearing down of street signs and even worse destroying and burning public property we see so often in other demonstrations and marches. No one in a country where law and order is supposed to prevail has a right to behave in this manner. No one is above the law.


    In this year of “free and fair” elections in what we believe to be a democratic country I call on government to ban all marches, for whatever reason, once and for all. This is a legacy that we do not need to carry into the future. There are peaceful ways of making a point but gatherings and marches, whether legal or illegal must be totally banned.


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