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Viewing 6 topics - 1 through 5 (of 29 total)
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One thought on “eSkills and eLearning ePractitioners

  • Thokozani Absalom

    Pretty good Chantel Harris There are a number of reasons why employees might be upset or angry. They could be upset with their current job, another employee or even you, their manager. They could be angry for reasons that have nothing to do with work.
    Whatever the reason, disgruntled or upset employees can damage your business. They can upset customers, provide poor service, do their job incorrectly (or not at all) and create a negative work environment for everyone around them.
    As a manager, you sometimes have to deal with unhappy employees and it is your responsibility to see what you can do to turn the situation around. It is not possible to keep all employees happy all of the time, but there are many situations that you can improve.

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