Careers, Jobs & The Labour Market

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  • Lawrence Ngorora

    Themba’s comment highlighted for me the complexity of managing change in business. I would like to admit that I do not have hands-on business experience in managing change even though I have experience leading workshops on team leadership development, all I have is theory-based. Starting with the framing of Human Capital and rates of return as applied in education, through sociology challenges of structure versus agency and the influence of globalisation as technology versus impact of colonialism as part of globalisation, these are issues that I am assuming impact business and have hidden consequences in particular those who have had to fight a struggle for ¬†independence. In particular how does the eons of propaganda machinery used to sabotage the very same system or person who was enemy number one now become saviour by offering employment and change seems as if it is implying looking favourably towards making a profit for the organisation. The simple idea of a person gets an education, steps into labour market produces a profit ignoring the impacts of the nuances that neccesitate the change requires some reflection I think. I am sure our various dispositions make us see change in different perspectives. Coaching and leadership development definitely help if one knows where to start to influence and it sees to me some changes are on the surface rather than trangenerational. I like the phrase “in response to internal and external events'” because to me these events are not synchronised to require a unified or organised response but chaotic when they occur hence adding more complexity. Perhaps my systemic view is blinding me in seeing the parts making up the system, I am keen to read on what innovative ways go into ‘challenging thinking and perspectives’ that have really worked for you Hugh Allen! Thank You ¬†¬†

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