Finding the bad employee

By chantelharris, 30 October, 2015

There are always few rotten apples among the bunch, but getting rid of them before they spoil the rest is the difference between company success and company failure. Many may think, what harm can come from keeping them on? The harm comes when they are opposing the system and creating unnecessary hassle for everyone else - ultimately creating an unsavoury atmosphere in the office.

When they are always giving ultimatums

There is a right way and a wrong way to ask for a salary increase, whereas those who do it the right way, are more likely to get what they have earned. If an employee is constantly announcing all the jobs other companies are offering them jobs, stating how much other employees are earning, then it has reached a point beyond professionalism. When they act as if though one foot is out the door, then give them the invite to step out. Their loyalty must be with the company.  

Negativity all around

If business meetings and get togethers have become painful for all employees, then it is probably because the employee who does nothing but point out the negatives and highlights the flaws in everyone else's ideas is the cause. Even when our debit order collections in South Africa goes off, we’re not as miserable as when we’re in the office around that negative person.

Not playing their part

An access amount of work will always be in the works and that can sometimes lead to an employee to do work that they are not paid to do. When an employee refuses to do a job that is not in their job description, but well in their means then an employer will begin to wonder if the person is there in the interest of the company or not. While employers shouldn't dump undue and unfair amounts of work on people, employees should always be open to examining new challenges and responsibilities.

Deadweight passion

An employer will quickly notice when an employee has lost their passion. Employers want who overcome difficulties or find a way around them with a great solution. Someone who gives up without even trying is just going to drag everyone else down. You may not know why this sudden change in behaviour has come about. Schedule a one-on-one with the employee in question and see if you can get to the root of the problem



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