Fasset Seta Accredited/Pastel/Fasset/Training Provider

By grantcooper, 3 March, 2016

Good day All,

I run a Training Business in Port Elizabeth.We are an authorised Pastel Training Center as well as Institute of Bookkeepers and Fasset Training Providers.We provide training nationally if the need arises as well as locally.

We are able to visit clients sites to provide classroom based training.

Please call me or send me an email should you require further information.

Courses offered

Pastel Bookkeeping Fundamentals 2 days (No computer used)

Pastel Partner Processing 3 days

Pastel Partner Intermediate 4 days

Pastel Partner Advanced 3 days

Pastel Xpress 3 days 


Grant Cooper

Fasset Accredited Assessor

Pastel Authorised Training Center

[email protected]




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