Expo showcases why Cape Town is SA’s entrepreneurial capital

By dylanjames, 15 October, 2013

The 2013 Entrepreneur Expo is once again showcasing why Cape Town is the entrepreneurial capital of South Africa. Taking place 26 – 27 October at the Muizenberg Civic Centre, the Expo brings together entrepreneurs from all over the City of Cape Town.

Exhibitors are divided into two groups. The first group are those that focus on the supporting Cape Town’s entrepreneurs including Vodacom, MWEB, SEDA, MEDO, Standard Bank, Shanduka Black Umbrellas and the Cape Chamber of Commerce amongst others.

Von Seidels will be conducting complimentary intellectual property consultations and the directors of leading entrepreneur advisory firm Caban Investments will be on site to offer free advice.

The second group are the innovative entrepreneurs at the forefront of the drive to grow our economy and create jobs. These include business such as Eco for Africa who collect second hand clothing from schools and business for township entrepreneurs to sell. This project has had a direct impact on many individuals, giving them an opportunity to break the bonds of poverty.

Eskom have this year sponsored a hub of 10 entrepreneurs who focus on energy saving and energy efficiency. The exhibitors within this hub have identified creative and ways to save money on your electricity bill as well as solutions to our current electricity issues.

Beyond just showcasing products and services, the Expo is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to network investors with fellow entrepreneurs. For business owners, the Entrepreneur Expo is the perfect place to launch a new business, amplify an existing business and increase sales.

There will also be a number of activities for the kids as well as food stalls and a craft beer garden hosted by Boston Breweries and the Entrepreneur Expo Fun Walk for the Amy Biehl Foundation who are the official charity of the event.

There is no cost to enter the expo. Come and see what the entrepreneurs of Cape Town, and those that support them, have to offer.

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