By wilmadevilliers, 6 February, 2017

I have been 28 years in die ECD field and about 15 years part of the implementation of the SAQA ECD qualifications but has never been so confused as now.

We made the mistake of not working according to the Exit Level Outcomes (ELO's) for Level 5.  With our new intake this year we need to implement it.

I looked at the 7 ELO’s and noticed that one unit standard fits in under more than one ELO (not like in level 4). In Level 4 there are specific ELO’s that link to the unit standards and visa versa. I also can’t see where the fundamentals will fit in – it does not link to an ELO.

In Level 4 unit standards are linked to ELO’s but not in Level 5.

The criteria for the integrated summative assessment for the different levels (1, 4 & 5) differ.

I ‘googled’ and visited many websites but can’t find guidance.  Is there anybody that can direct me to specific websites.  I spoke to somebody at the ETDP SETA but I am still confused.  Maybe I am too long in ECD!



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