ETDP-SETA Statement of Results

By sachinderparuth, 18 January, 2013

Dear Friends at Skill Universe,

I am feel very dissapointed with the issue with regards to Statement of Results from the ETDP-SETA.

I completed 6 unit standards as stand alone unit standards.

When I approached the provider for my SoR, they said that their windows is closed because they are being re-accredited and that they cannot access DataNet to download my SoR.

I also requested the same from ETDP-SETA. Nobody seems to take an interest and I am frustrated just trying to get hold of someone from the ETDP-SETA.

If you are a provider with the ETDP-SETA, maybe you can help to download the SoR for me.

The SoR is urgently required by me for registration as a constituent assessor and moderator with another SETA.


I would appreciate all the help




Sachinder Paruth



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