Escape from Bashonjalo land!

By brianvmoore, 13 January, 2015

A story of self-denial in a World of opportunity.

I used to watch in amazement as friends walked away from great opportunities, because an unknown group called “they”, said they were “bad.” When I asked who “they” were, there was never a definitive answer.

Around the world Governments rise and fall because of “them”. Examinations are difficult because “they” are out to get the students. Families are in conflict because the mysterious “they” intervened. People don’t fly because “everyone” said it was dangerous.

In our beautiful country there are many people sitting idle at home, because “there are no jobs”. I have spoken to a few and they almost always sing out “We have no money”, some will answer “Asinamali” in Zulu, or Afrikaans “Daar is mos nie geld nie!”

When asked, “Have you gone to look for work?”, “No.” is the simple response. “Why not?”, “There are no jobs!”. A look of “don’t you understand anything?”, upon their faces. “How do you know?”, is triumphantly met with... “Everybody says so!”, (“Bashonjalo”.)

Somehow, when a person says these words, they become part of a secret group. The group was toying with the idea of calling themselves “Everyonesaysso-ians” but they have chosen the easier-to-say Zulu name..... Bashonjalo (pronounced Buh- shorn - jar - low.)

There is a certain group of people who become members of the Bashonjalo. Knowing that they cannot fail, unless they erroneously attempt something, they find great comfort and solace in the safety of blame. They have the amazing power to filter anything into a reason why they have a lack.

The Bashonjalos even have the power to group issues and talk disdainfully and knowledgeably of “this country”, or “them”. This separates us from people, races, religions and hope.

And for those of us who will go the extra mile, or do anything to make a difference, beware! The Bashonjalo have infiltrated society. They are to be found amongst our leaders, our politicians, business people, corporate society and the unemployed. You can find them around the barbecue, in the ladies loo (and the men’s!), at rugby matches and in the corridors at schools. They have no particular language, or diversity. The words that they use have universal meaning and it is always the same. “It wasn’t me. It isn’t my fault......”

For all of their “problems’ they do have one scary success.... They have done something that the rest of mankind are yet to do. They have created a society that knows no borders and finds extreme comfort in its own kind, no matter where they meet. Their place is known as Bashonjalo Land and it is EVERYWHERE!.

Even the Men in Black know of their existence but are powerless to stop “them”. They fear the power of the Bashonjalo and that they too may be dragged into the never-never world.

Seriously people. Self-denial is a crime against oneself!

If we are controlled by people we have never met, and stories from other people, we will never be able to achieve.

Set yourself free from “them!” Immigrate from Bashonjalo land, lest it keeps you captive in a sad, lonely and poor place!



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