By moegsienharris1, 18 August, 2010

It is very sad that the backbone of society ie. our youth, the learners/students have to suffer as a result of poor leadership, atrocious advisors to the education authorities, political interference on the kind of education structure we require for South Africa in order to move as an African icon in developing a sustainable economic growth and development plans through skills training & development processes.

It immediately brings to mind how very important it is for skills training and development practitioners to get their "house" in order as I am not certain whether all of the FET Colleges and their "control freak masters" know what the heck needs to be done in order to develop our economy and to match it with competent, efficient and effective human capital.

Those with an academic theory need to really take a back seat and let our entrepreneurs, economist and business people who are the "real" training practitioners show them how to train and develop our people skills in order for our economic engine to get "fired up". The human capital skills base is what is the poorer here in South Africa and unless we really trust each other in finding the real effective solutions to our economic hibernation, an ailing skills base, incompetent leadership in the academic field to stimulate human capital development, and skills summits that add very little value to skills development, remains a travesty of justice. I would have thought that government would be more mindful to the role of both labour and business as their partners in building a strong skills base through training and developing our youth and our human capital. The FET's must really match the demands of a National Skills Plan and the National Human Capital Development Strategy.

It is long overdue for our human resources and human capital practitioners (that is you of course) to take a much more proactive role in bringing sanity to the training & development arena otherwise we are going to have many summits that are going to show us how "ROME" is crumbling and how we are going to blame each other as South Africa will not remain the "darling" of the economic developed nations forever. The "BIG ECONOMIC PLAYERS" will eventually move to greener pastures in order to capitalise on the weaker nations and of course "rape" the natural resources of Africaand its people who can hardly afford to let "CHEAP LABOUR" be the reason for our demise.

We need to stop watching the "Economic Circus" take its toll as we play with the lives of our youth and our nation in allowing the treacherous demise of realistic economic growth through people development. We at least need to say "NO" to the opportunist in the academic arena and we need to effectively take control in developing our people through the introduction of practical skills development. We have the answers, the tools and the competenjt practitioners to successfully apply our minds on realistic goals over the next few years.

We need to show more confidence in ourselves and we need to come out more strongly at supporting each other in putting our efforts in what we do best. Let us rub shoulders in sharing our talents in order to promote the cause of our rainbow nation as we persue the goals that are set in getting our economy really "going" and be sure to match the growing economy with real skilled and competent people.

The system quite honestly require all your input and efforts in order to fast track the engines of our economy and getting competent and talented people to work in our economic systems. Training Providers, Training Practitioners, Assessors, Moderators, Verifiers and all the Supporting Staff, get "CRACKING" in this enormous challenge and get real Skills Training & Development onto the National Agenda as a Priority once more.



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